An island of natural wonders
and the magic of the underwater world.


An island of natural wonders
and the magic of the underwater world.

Diving Center Tenerife

Our diving center is located in the most attractive diving area of the Canary Islands – in the very south of Tenerife. This is where the heart of the Atlantic underwater world pulsates. We are only 5-20 minutes away from the best diving sites, which we reach both from the shore and from our speedboat.

Our diving center, as the only one on Tenerife, is located on the shore of the Montaña Amarilla Underwater Marine Reserve, whose unusual lava forms and the wealth of underwater life are under strict protection and made available only for diving activities.

The priority in our work is always to provide our divers with maximum safety, at the same time a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, conducive to learning to dive and fully devoting himself to his extraordinary passion during his stay on Tenerife.

Probably the Best Diving Center
on the Canary Islands

according to the ranking of Google Reviews, Facebook and Trip Advisor

The WET MONSTER Diving Center is rated as the best Diving Center not only on Tenerife but also on the entire Canary Islands (according to Google Reviews).

As every year, we were also awarded the prestigious Trip Advisor Quality Certificate for the highest ratings of guests who used the services of our Diving Center on Tenerife.

We would like to thank all our Divers and Students for their excellent opinions on the work of our diving center on Tenerife as well as customer service. Your opinions motivate us to constantly raise the bar and provide diving services at the highest level.
Thank you 🙂

Diving is unique and there is nothing like it.
The center is very nice, equipped and guys professional and prepared.
There are a lot of course available, my instructor was Krzysztof, he explain me everything clear and he answered all my question.
The course was amazing and the dive site beautiful, I would recommend it to everyone want simply a nice experience or to learning new things, skills and doing course.

Thanks guys!
Samuele Avatar
Went scuba diving today and had an awesome experience. They are very professional, kind, and careful to make sure you feel safe and secure. It was my first time going and I had a blast. Highly recommend!
Colin Bickford Avatar
Colin Bickford
Very nice dive center, great service. They do everything to make you feel safe en confident. See you next year!
Sam Van den Broeck Avatar
Sam Van den Broeck
Amazing experience! Very professional reliable and patient coach! We strongly recommend WET MONSTER!
Mengdi LI Avatar
Mengdi LI
Nice people. Clear and safe instructions. Great experience!
Pino van de Ven Avatar
Pino van de Ven
Worth visiting!
After an introduction dive with WET MONSTER I knew these guys were processionals. Within weeks I did the SSI Open Water Diving course with them. I cannot say anything bad about my whole experience!
I can highly recommend these guys!
Mads Olsen Avatar
Mads Olsen
I recommend Wet Monster wholeheartedly ❤️ it was my first experience with diving, so I was full of anxiety.The first individual diving with an instructor Chris in Wet Monster was the best choice i could made and gave me more than I could expected. Chris is, above all, an enthusiast of scuba diving, but also a great and patient instructor with an individual approach to student. The preparation, training, equipment selection and the diving itself was pleasant and proceeded with a relaxed atmosphere. Most of all, I was able to admire the beauty of the magical underwater world for the first time, and thanks to Chris, I felt very safe.
I highly recommend first individual dive lessons at Wet Monster to everyone who is wondering if he can manage underwater and maybe have some worries about that but also expect some new experience on vacation. An additional plus was that Chris is Polish, so we could communicate in my language, but I'm sure in English it would go great as well.
martyna p Avatar
martyna p
Just amazing!! Anna, Pawel, thank you so much, you are as kind and welcoming as professional and caring outside and inside the water.

Adding to this the beach and boat dives were very easy and so beautiful, with impressive abundance of marine life and submarine volcanic landscapes.

A must do in Tenerife south !!
Benjamin Boulan Avatar
Benjamin Boulan
Amazing diving centre. Did with them open water course and Mateo, Ana and Ola were great teachers, surreal experience.
Roman Malyarenko Avatar
Roman Malyarenko
Diving here is definitely one of the best things I have ever done on vacation! I had never done it before. The one-on-one try dive was perfect! I discovered the underwater world in the beautiful bay with perfect accompaniment and it was absolutely amazing. I would definitely recommend diving with Wet Monster!
Emmy Bondue Avatar
Emmy Bondue